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How to Find Your Birkenstock Size

Classic BIrkenstock Size Chart
Birkenstock footwear is created in Germany and uses a European sizing system. To find your size you will need to convert your U.S. size to the European equivalent. Each product page includes a link to a size chart which provides our best recomendations for converting from a U.S. size to a European size. We always recommend checking the size chart of a given item before adding it to your cart. Our size charts are based on over twenty-five years of Birkenstock fitting experience, but given the large variation of foot shapes and U.S. size variation there will always be exceptions.
Alternate Birkenstock Size Chart  
Not all styles fit equally even though they might share the same size. Some styles run a little shorter than their given size. For such cases we created an "Alternate" size chart that takes into account these size differences. For example, Super Birki Clogs and Profi Birki Clogs tend to run a little short of their stated size.  When in doubt refer to the size chart that accompanies a given item. If you have any trouble feel free to contact us via e-mail, Live Chat or phone (toll free) 1.800.451.1459 and we will happily help you find the right size.