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Birkenstock Express help with shopping, returns, shipping and sizing

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally, including Canada?

Unfortunately, because of our contract with the United States Birkenstock importer and the German manufacturer, we are not allowed to ship internationally at this time. The Birkenstock manufacturer in Germany may be able to help you find a distributor in your area.

Birkenstock Worldwide web address: E-mail:

For Canada try

How much is shipping?

Our default shipping method is UPS Ground. For orders over $100, shipping is free. Visit our shipping info page for more details and alternative shipping methods.

When will my shoes arrive?

We're on the west coast so it depends on how far you live from the west coast. The way that it is divided is similar to time zones. If you live in the Pacific time zone, then you are 1-2 business days away from us. If you live in the Mountain time zone, then you're about 3 business days away and the Central zone is about 4 days away. Finally, the Eastern time zone is 5 business days away. Packages don't make any progress over the weekend. We priority mail to Hawaii and Alaska and that usually takes about 3-4 days.

To track your order via UPS follow this link: UPS Order Tracking

Why don't we sell the same styles as QVC?

QVC gets products that are made specifically for them and we don't have access to those products.

Is Birkenstock Express the same thing as "Birkenstock?"

We are not Birkenstock itself. Birkenstock is headquartered in Germany with distribution centers located throughout the world. We are a family-owned mail order shoe store located in Oregon. We are one of the oldest and largest online retailers of Birkenstocks in the US. We happen to have a great relationship with Birkenstock and sometimes gain access to styles or colors that are normally only offered in Germany. If you are looking for a store in your area follow this link to the BirkenstockUSA store locator.

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