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Birkenstock Width Information: Legend to Width Symbols
Width Information

Birkenstock uses footprint symbols to signal width. To determine the width of your footwear, inspect the footbed liner for a footprint icon. Note: not all styles are produced in multiple widths.

Designed for medium to wide feet.
(Women's U.S. widths B-C+ and Men's U.S. widths D-EE)

Designed for narrow feet.
(Women's U.S. widths AA-B and Men's U.S. widths C-D)

Designed for medium to narrow feet.
(Women's U.S. widths A-C and Men's U.S. widths C-E)

How do I decide if my feet are Narrows or Regulars?
Width classification is part art and part science. In general, if you always wear narrow shoes, don't have a wide toe box, and consistently hear remarks about your slender feet, then Narrows and Mediums are right for you.

Most feet are best suited for Regular and Medium width footwear.

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