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Birki's Haiti Union Jack Birko-Flor

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Haiti - Birkis

Union Jack Birko-Flor
Black Birkibuc
Navy Birkibuc
Stone Birkibuc
Aboriginal Birko-Flor
All Over Checks Blue Birko-Flor
All Over Checks Orange Birko-Flor
Aloha Ocean Birko-Flor
Auriverde Birko-Flor
Basic Black Birko-Flor
Basic Brown Birko-Flor
Basic Navy Birko-Flor
Beach Green Birko-Flor
Beach Pink Birko-Flor
Black Flower Birko-Flor
Black Pebblegrain Birko-Flor
Black Sharks Birko-Flor
Brown Pebblegrain Birko-Flor
Buffalo White Birko-Flor
Camouflage Black/Red Birko-Flor
Cat Red Birko-Flor
Check Pink Birko-Flor
Color Dots Birko-Flor
Color-mix White Birko-Flor
Cyberstorm Multi Birko-Flor
Disney Comic Pattern Birko-Flor
Dog Blue Birko-Flor
Good Luck White Birko-Flor
Hearts Black Birko-Flor
Hibiscus Flower Pink Birko-Flor
Holiday White Birko-Flor
Horse Green Birko-Flor
Lagoon Blue Birko-Flor
Lilac Outline White Birko-Flor
Little Check Pink Birko-Flor
Magazine Collage Birko-Flor
Magic Flower White Birko-Flor
Mayan Art Navy Birko-Flor
Mayan Art Red Birko-Flor
Minnie Flower Pattern Black Birko-Flor
Mosaic Flowers Aubergine Birko-Flor
Mosaic Flowers Orange Birko-Flor
Mosaic Flowers Sea Birko-Flor
Mosaic Summer Flowers Birko-Flor
Navy Outline White Birko-Flor
Paisley Autumn Birko-Flor
Paisley Polar Birko-Flor
Red Outline White Birko-Flor
Retro Pink Birko-Flor
Safari Spikes Brown Birko-Flor
Safari Spikes Gray Birko-Flor
Skull Gray Birko-Flor
Smell of Flowers White Birko-Flor
Square Circle Multi Birko-Flor
Stars & Stripes Birko-Flor
Stars & Stripes 2 Birko-Flor
Storm Black Birko-Flor
Storm Blue Birko-Flor
Stripe Pattern Navy Birko-Flor
Stripe Pattern Rainbow Birko-Flor
Swinging Color Birko-Flor
Swinging Waves Blue Birko-Flor
Swinging Waves Brown Birko-Flor
Swinging Waves Green Birko-Flor
Swinging Waves Orange Birko-Flor
Translucent Blue Birko-Flor
Tropical Garden Blue Birko-Flor
Tropical Garden Red Birko-Flor
Turtle Blue Birko-Flor
Vacation Postcard Birko-Flor
Watercolor Blue Birko-Flor
Watercolor Lilac Birko-Flor
Wavy Copper Birko-Flor
Wavy Forest Birko-Flor
Wavy Navy Birko-Flor
Whale Blue Birko-Flor
Brown Neoprene
Summerkiss Black Patent Birko-Flor

The Haiti has been discontinued and is no longer available. Below are similar Birkenstocks available now.

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