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Papillio Florida
Soft Footbed Kenja Red Birko-Flor

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Florida Soft Footbed - Papillio

Kenja Red Birko-Flor
Bloomy Black Birko-Flor
Bloomy Red Birko-Flor
Blue Feather Birko-Flor
Brushed Art Rose Birko-Flor
Carnation Brown Birko-Flor
Carnation Red Birko-Flor
Chateau Black Birko-Flor
Climbing Roses Black/White Birko-Flor
Coralla Black Birko-Flor
Falling Leaves Blue Birko-Flor
Flower Basket Rose Birko-Flor
July White Birko-Flor
Magnolia Black Birko-Flor
Meadow Brown Birko-Flor
Painted Bloom Black Birko-Flor
Paisley Blue/Navy Birko-Flor
Peacock Brown Birko-Flor
Pixel Blue Birko-Flor
Pixel Rose Birko-Flor
Rambling Rose Brown Birko-Flor
Saturday Night Birko-Flor
Shrub Roses Brown Birko-Flor
Simply Flowers Black Birko-Flor
Simply Flowers White Birko-Flor
Springflower Black Birko-Flor
Springflower Blue Birko-Flor
Springflower White Birko-Flor
Suki Black Birko-Flor
Suki Blue Birko-Flor
Tendril Collage Blue Birko-Flor
Flower Glitter Black Leather
Terrazzo Stone Leather

The Florida Soft Footbed has been discontinued and is no longer available. Below are similar Birkenstocks available now.