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Papillio Tabora Black

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Tabora - Papillio

Blue Powder
Irish Green
Medium Brown
Sea Mist
Aqua Sun Days Birko-Flor
Bandana White/Henna Birko-Flor
Bandana White/Sagebrush Birko-Flor
Baroque Blue Birko-Flor
Baroque Red Birko-Flor
Birthday Blue Birko-Flor
Black Birko-Flor
Black Textured w/Rhinestone Birko-Flor
Bloomy Cream Birko-Flor
Blue Butterflies Birko-Flor
Broken Circle Cream Birko-Flor
Brushed Art Orange Birko-Flor
Bubbling Orange Birko-Flor
Carnation Blue Birko-Flor
Champagne Birko-Flor
Chateau Black Birko-Flor
China Blossom Birko-Flor
Climbing Roses Black/White Birko-Flor
Crystal Black Birko-Flor
Crystal Rose Birko-Flor
Dandelion Blue Birko-Flor
Floral Circles Pink Birko-Flor
Flower Fans Blue Birko-Flor
Golden Brush Birko-Flor
Indian Cashmere Red Birko-Flor
Leopard Brown Birko-Flor
Leopard Dark Brown Birko-Flor
Lotus Flower Green Birko-Flor
Meadow Spring Sun Birko-Flor
My Little Garden Green Birko-Flor
Natural Flower Cream Birko-Flor
Pop Waves Pink Birko-Flor
Primula Red Birko-Flor
Rambling Rose Red Birko-Flor
Silver Textured w/Rhinestone Birko-Flor
Threads Beige Birko-Flor
Threads Blue Birko-Flor
White Birko-Flor
Wild Rose Amethyst Birko-Flor
Wildflower White Birko-Flor
Woodstock Tan/Rainbow Birko-Flor
Cork Flower Rose Cork/Leather
Cork Flower Violet Cork/Leather
Cortina Black Embossed Leather
Cortina Brown Embossed Leather
Floral Impression Nero Viola Leather
Flower Glitter Bordeaux Leather
Flower Glitter White/Silver Leather
Hypnotic Beige Leather
Madreperla Black Leather
Metallic Anthracite Leather
Metallic Rose Leather
Paisley Tooled Black Leather
Snake Brandy Leather
Terrazzo Blue Leather
Gold Swirl Suede
Pepe Bronze Suede
Prima Flower Brown Suede

The Tabora has been discontinued and is no longer available. Below are similar Birkenstocks available now.

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