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Birkenstock Repair FAQs

Can I ruin my soles by leaving them in the hot sun?

Yes. The Birkenstock EVA sole has been chosen because it is lightweight, flexible, durable and able to absorb shock. Excessive heat, however, can cause the material to shrink.

Please do not leave your footwear:
  • near a fireplace, campfire, radiator or wood stove;
  • in an unventilated car parked in the sun; or
  • in a very hot, sunny spot with their soles facing direct sunlight.

How long will it take to complete my repair?

Our Authorized Birkenstock Repair Shop can generally work and turn the cork footbed repairs in about three weeks. If it's going to take longer we'll contact you.

What repair should I choose?

If you're not sure which repair will fix your footwear, then you can either choose the "Help Me Decide" option where you place a blank order and we'll give you an estimate once we receive the footwear OR call  (800.451.1459) or email us at mailorder@birkenstockexpress.com and describe the problem or send them in to us and we'll contact you with our estimate of the repair and cost.