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How to Fit

Fitting Instructions and Info

Bottom line: A proper fitting Birkenstock allows up to ¼" around the toes, and arch support that follows the contours of your feet.

To start, place the heel of your larger foot within the heelcup. Your foot should fit inside the edges of the shoe with enough extra length (up to ¼") for movement while walking.

The contours of the footbed should follow the curves of your feet. The raised arches might feel unusual at first, but the arches will feel less pronounced as the cork/latex footbed conforms to your foot.

When fitting sandals, the strap closest to your toes should feel snug. The other straps should allow your heel to lift slightly off the footbed while walking.

When fitting shoes and clogs stand on the footbed and inspect the fit. For shoes slip the removable footbed from the shoe. Toes should not hang over the edge and the arches should follow the contours of your feet. Reinsert the footbed into the shoe.

If the shoe or clog appears to be the correct length and width and still feels "too big," "to roomy" or "too small," the problem is probably not related to the size, but to the volume of the shoe.

We find that most kids feet are best suited for the "Narrow" widths. The "Regular" sizes are best suited for wider feet.